Horse Show Terminology

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  • Tack - Riding equipment or gear for the horse such as saddle, bridle, halter, and so forth.
  • Tapaderos or taps - Leather covering or shield over the front of the stirrups.
  • Tempi changes - More than one flying change put together to form a movement.
  • Thrush - A disease of the frog in which a black discharge and foul smell are emitted.
  • Travers - Work on three tracks. The horse's quarters are brought into the school so that the outside foreleg creates one track. The inside foreleg and the outside hind leg create the second track and the inside hind leg creates the third track.
  • Trot - In the trot the diagonal legs must be raised from the ground simultaneously and be replaced on the ground together, making two hoof beats.
  • Type - The arrangement of body parts into distinct recognizable patterns. All horses have the same basic conformation, but each breed has distinct conformation types that make it differ from other breeds.
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