Horse Show Terminology

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  • Walk - In the walk the horse moves his legs one after the other so that four hoof beats may be heard.
  • War bridle - An emergency bridle made of rope for use in leading unruly horses.
  • Warmblood - Result of crossing heavy horses with fine thoroughbreds, mainly used for pulling carriages. Today used in dressage, show jumping and eventing.
  • Weanling - A foal, colt or filly under one year old, that has been taken away from its mother that is no longer nursing.
  • Wolf teeth - Small pointed teeth that sometimes appear at the base of the first premolar tooth.
  • Work in hand - The horse is trained or exercised from the ground. The rider is not in the saddle. The trainer is normally close enough to reach with ease any part of the horse with the long/dressage whip.
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