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Our Heritage, Our Values

Our Heritage, Our Values

Our founder was never happier than when in the saddle, with friends.

Joan Le Lachuer was born on the 6th January 1915 at Pitt Farm, Hurley in Hampshire.

Joan married Lt Richard Grayburn (Royal Engineers) on the 6th June 1942 at Barton Stacey, Hampshire, becoming the mother of Robert Grayburn (Director).  Richard Grayburn died in action in Holland on the 20th November 1944.

Joan established a flourishing local riding school in Sutton Scotney after the war.

Joan married architect Patrick Calcutt on the 17th June 1950, becoming the mother of Christopher Calcutt (Director).  With her energy and drive Calcutts grew to become a well loved part of country life in Hampshire.

Recently retired Director, Ian Compton joined Calcutts in 1962.  Ian played a key role in sustaining our high standards of service after Joan's death in 1976.  He still enjoys spending time at Calcutts and meeting old friends associated with the business.

Today Calcutts employs a multi-skilled team of Chris and Lesley in our workshops on site, plus specialist sub-contractors.  Many of the products we sell are made in our workshops, and our repair service is second to none.

The rest of the team, Dawn, Jane, Gail and Diana (our on the road Saddlefitter) are all here to provide you with the products and services you and your horse value.


Here at Calcutt & Sons we ensure that we produce and offer the highest quality of goods for our clients

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