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Horse Glossary

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  • Back at the knee - a fault in the forelegs in which the lower limb below the knee, when viewed from the side, tends to be concave. Also known as calf-knee and buck-knee. Undesirable because the limb would be of little use in absorbing concussion.
  • Bacterin - A vaccine that provides protection against bacterial infection.
  • Balance - In regard to movement, a state of equilibrium; in regard to conformation, desirable proportions. Distribution of weight between horse and rider.
  • Bald - White or light color on a horse's head from poll to nose, including around the eyes.
  • Balk - To refuse or cease to move forward.
  • Ban - . Solid earthen ramp or wall that is used as a drop jump.
  • Bareback - Riding without a saddle
  • Barefoot - Unshod.
  • Barley - A small grain similar to rye or wheat.
  • Barn sour - Herd-bound; a bad habit that may result in a horse bolting back to the barn or to his herdmates.
  • Barren - Condition of a mare that did not become pregnant during the breeding season.
  • Bascule - The desirable arc a horse's body makes as it goes over a jump.
  • Base - The rider's seat and weight.
  • Base narrow - The legs are very close together when viewed from in front or behind.
  • Base wide - The horse has a wide space between the legs when viewed from in front or behind.
  • Bastard strangles - Strangles that result in abscesses in internal glands.
  • Bay - A body color ranging from tan to reddish-brown, with black mane and tail, and usually black on the lower legs.
  • Beagle Calcutts stock and can supply hats, jackets, shirts, stocks, breeches, stockings, whips and horns and horn pouchs for beagling.
  • Beat - A single step in a gait, involving one leg or two.
  • Bedding - The material used on the floor of a stall to absorb moisture and provide padding.
  • Behind the bit - When a horse draws his head in toward his chest to avoid contact with the bit.
  • Bell boots - Bell-shaped rubber covering that fits over the horse's foot and hoof to protect from injury. Calcutts stock overreach boots, plain or Velcro, black or brown in small, medium, large and extra large.
  • Belts Calcutts can supply any plain leather belt in brown or black.
  • Bib - A device fastened under a horse's lower jaw to prevent it from chewing or licking itself, while still allowing it to eat and drink.
  • Big Licked - Sang term used to refer to a horse that has more than the average stride and or animation when performing its gaits.
  • Bight - Traditionally a loop in a rope. With closed veins, such as with an English bridle, bight refers to the ends of the reins. Even though Western reins are often split, their ends are also referred to as the bight.
  • Bit-Guard - Rubber or leather ring that lies between the horse's cheek and the snaffle bit ring to prevent skin pinching. Calcutts stock all colours of bitguards and bit burrs.
  • Bit - A device placed in the mouth of the horse as a means of control attached to the bridle and the reins or lines. Calcutts have an excellent range of secondhand and new bits and can customise any pattern in stainless steel.
  • Biting - A bad habit common to young horses, stallions, and spoiled horses. It can result from hand-fed treats, petting, or improper training. A problem with bitting, contact Calcutts for advice.
  • Blanch - Temporarily squeeze the blood out of capillaries.
  • Blanket - A fabric cover for a horse's body, usually made of wool or heavy material a marking of lighter color over the rump of a dark horse. Also a term describing color pattern on an Appaloosa.
  • Blaze - White or light coloring on a horse's face, between the eyes from poll to nose.
  • Blemish - A visible defect that does not affect serviceability. An unattractive scar or lump that does not affect the performance of the animal.
  • Bloodlines - The family lineage. The ancestry of an animal.
  • Bloodworm - Usually refers to strongyles.
  • Blow up - When a horse suddenly loses its temper.
  • Blue roan - A body color that has a uniform mixture of black and white hairs all over the body.
  • Board - To pay for facilities and care for a horse.
  • Bolting - Eating very rapidly , gulping feed without proper chewing; running away with rider.
  • Bone spavin - Bony deposit on the inside and lower part of the hock which may cause the horse to drag the hind toes, or become lame.
  • Booster - A repeat immunization to restore or increase the amount of immunity.
  • Boots - Protective covering for the horse's hoofs and legs. Calcutts have a large range of new and secondhand hunting and jodhpur boots and provide a facility for custom made.
  • Borium - A hard metal spot welded to the bottom of a horseshoe to help keep a horse from slipping.
  • Bosal - Rawhide noseband used in Western training and showing that works on the principles of balance, weight, and pressure. A hackamore type bridle that the nose piece is knotted under the chin.
  • Bot block - A rough, porous synthetic black "stone" whose uniformly abrasive surface will remove bot eggs from the horse's hair. The block can be "sharpened" by drawing it across a hard edge.
  • Bot fly - A fly that looks like a bee and lays eggs in a horse's hair. Flying parasite which deposits tiny white eggs on the horses legs and belly. If ingested, the larvae migrate through the tongue and/or esophagus and attach themselves to the stomach wall.
  • Bots - Gasterophilus; Parasitic flies.
  • Bowed hocks - a weakness in which the hocks bow outwards when viewed from behind.
  • Bow knees - The front legs appear wide just above the knees when viewed from the front.
  • Bowed tendon - Inflamation or damage to a tendon usually caused by overstretching due to improper conditioning, overwork, or an accident.
  • Box - Boxstall, a four-sided stall to confine a horse.
  • Boxy feet - small, donkey-like feet.
  • Breast collar - A horse collar that fits over the horse's chest instead of around its neck. A leather strap which passes around the front of the horse above his forelegs., and is attached to the cinch rings of a western saddle. Another strap passes over the horses neck just ahead of the withers. decorative yet functional in preventing the saddle from slipping back.
  • Breechen - The part of the harness that fits over the horse's rump and holds the load back or permits the horse to back it up; also called "britchen" .
  • Breed association - The organization that registers the birth and pedigree of a particular breed of livestock.
  • Breed character - The quality of conforming to the description of a particular breed.
  • Breeding - Act of copulation between a stallion and a mare.
  • Breeding class - Conformation class.
  • Breeding shed - The building in which breeding takes place.
  • Breastplate Calcutts stock all leather breastplates or with elastic inserts, in brown or black in all sizes. Special commissions undertaken.
  • Bridle path - The 4" to 6" area between the forelock and the mane that is usually clipped.
  • Bridle - To maintain contact with the reins so the horse moves "in a frame" and "on the bit." Calcutts stock new and secondhand Double Briddle and can make to any specification.
  • Brilliance - Flash or dazzle, as related to performance.
  • Brindle dun - A dun body color with darker streaks.
  • Broke - Trained and reliable.
  • Brios - Spirit, used in reference to Spanish style horses.
  • Bridles Calcutts stock a range of bridles for all disciplines and can handmake anything specific. Inhand Bridles, Double Bridles and Part Bridles.
  • Broodmare - A mare used for breeding.
  • Browband - The topmost horizontal leather strap of the bridle which fits under the forelock.
  • Brown - A body color with mixed brown and black hair, with black mane, tail, and legs.
  • Buckskin - A body color that is tan, yellow, or gold with black mane, tail, and lower legs.
  • Buckstitching - The decorative wide, white stitching used on western saddles and bridles.
  • Buggy trot - Slang used when referring to the gait of a horse that is long trotting or square trotting.
  • Bulb of heel - The rounded portion of the horse's foot just behind the hoof.
  • Bulk - Indigestible fiber found in feed.
  • Bull pen - A training corral, also called a "round" pen.
  • Bump - To pull and release the reins for a brief contact with the horse's mouth.
  • Burner - A rawhide section on a rope, covering the eye of the hondo to protect the rope from wear.
  • "Bute" - Phynalbutazone, a drug which reduces pain.

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