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Horse Glossary

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  • Off billet - The strap (or straps) on the off side that buckle one end of the girth in place.
  • Off side - The horse's right side.
  • On deck - Next to go in the pen.
  • Open joint - Joint opened by a penetrating wound.
  • Open (1) - Competition available for professionals, nonpros, amateurs, and youth. Anyone can enter.
  • Open (2) - Not pregnant; a term for the outmoded procedure of reaching into a mare's vagina prior to breeding to open her cervix.
  • Over-stride - If the rear foot of a horse passes the track of the same side front foot as it is set down, the distance between the front of the front track and the rear of the rear track is the amount of over - stride.
  • Outside - In a pen, the side of the horse toward the fence.
  • Ovary - One of the pair of ovum (egg)-producing glands of the female, which also produce sex hormones.
  • Overo - A Paint or Pinto coat pattern of spots that are irregular, scattered, or splashy. The horse usually has a large white facial marking as well.
  • Ovulation - When the follicle ruptures and the ovum, or egg, is released into the oviduct.
  • Oxer - Parallel bar-type fence with two rails. A square oxer has even rails. A step or ascending oxer has a lower front rail.
  • Oxytocin - The portion of the posterior pituitary hormone which causes milk letdown and contraction of the uterus during foaling.

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