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Horse Glossary

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  • Gait - A specific pattern of foot movements such as the walk, trot, and canter.
  • Gaited horse - An animated horse such as the American Saddlebred, Morgan, or Tennessee Walking Horse with flashy gaits.
  • Galls - Sores and/or swelling.
  • Galvayne's groove - V-shaped groove that appears at the gum line of the corner incisor at age of 10.
  • Gas colic - Colic caused by excessive amounts of gas in the stomach and/or intestines.
  • Gaskin - The heavy muscular area between the hock and the stifle.
  • Geld - To castrate a male horse.
  • Gelding - A male horse that has been castrated.
  • Gestation - The period of time between conception and giving birth.
  • Girth - Belly band strap around horse's body (heart girth) just behind front legs, which holds saddle or harness in place.
  • Go-round - A preliminary or elimination round (or heat) in a class with a large number of entries. Some events have two or three go-rounds, and scores are averaged.
  • Grade - An unregistered horse.
  • Grand Prix - Top caliber classes in dressage and show jumping, often offering large cash prizes.
  • Granuloma - An excessive amount of non-healing tissue in a wound.
  • Gravel - An abscess of the hoof wall extending from the white line to the coronet.
  • Gray - A color in which the skin is black, and the hair is a mixture of black and white.
  • "Green" or green-broke - An inexperienced horse or rider, relatively speaking. In hunter classes, the horse can be any age and is rated according to awards won in past performances.
  • Grey roan - A horse with a coat of mixed grey and white hairs.
  • Ground tie - To stand in one place, with reins dropped on the ground.
  • Ground training - When the trainer works the horse from the ground, rather than being mounted. Includes in-hand work, barn manners, longeing, and ground driving.
  • Grulla - A dun body color that ranges from bluish gray to a brownish gray.
  • Grullo - A type of dun with a smoky or mouse-colored body, and usually having a black mane, tail, lower legs, and dorsal stripe.
  • Gullet - Area under the fork, swells, or pommel of the saddle.
  • Gymkhana - A program of competitive games on horseback, usually timed events.

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