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Horse Glossary

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  • Maiden - Division open to a rider (or horse) who has not won a blue ribbon at specified shows.
  • Maiden mare - Mare that has never been bred.
  • Manners - The degree of training of a horse in his interactions with humans and other horses. The energetic yet cooperative attitude of a horse.
  • Manty - A piece of canvas that encases the load tied on a pack animal.
  • Mare - A female horse over age four.
  • Mark - To earn a score.
  • Marker - In reining and horsemanship, a location for the pattern.
  • Markings - White on the face or legs of a horse.
  • Martingale - (1) Piece of training equipment designed to fix a horse's head position. Common types include running, standing, and German. (2) Strap from cavesson to girth to keep horse from throwing its head up, or from hames to girth to help back load.
  • Martingale - Standing- A strap which attaches to the girth and runs between the front legs and up to the noseband. It puts pressure on the horse's nose when he gets his head up too high. A small strap runs around the horse's neck to keep the martingale strap in place. To test the adjustment, you should be able to push the martingale strap up until it touches the horse's throat.
  • Martingale - Running- A strap that attaches to the girth, runs up between the front legs and splits into two straps with a ring at the end. The reins are run through the martingale rings. The martingale pulls down on the reins and the bit when the horse raises his head.
  • Maturities - Those types of events for aged horses (five and older).
  • Mecate - Braided horsehair reins; knotted to a bosal.
  • Meconium - Fecal matter that is passes a few hours after birth by a foal.
  • Medal Class - AHSA equitation competition. National champions are chosen annually at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in hunter seat, saddle seat, and stock seat and a dressage class for juniors.
  • Medium Gait - Between collected and extended.
  • Moon blindness - Periodic opthalmia, or uveitis (inflammation of internal eye that comes and goes).
  • Muzzle - The end of a horse's face, including the nose, nostrils, and lips.

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