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Horse Glossary

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  • Tack - Equipment used on a horse.
  • Tail rope - Rope attached to horse's tail by a half hitch, then tied forward to neck or harness.
  • Tail wrap - Material to wrap tail during breeding or examination and foaling.
  • Texas gate - Gate of barbed wire.
  • Thoroughbred - The breed of horse registered with the Jockey Club. All individuals can trace ancestry back to one of five Arabian stallions.
  • Throat-latch - The part of the bridle passing under the horse's head holding the bridle on over the horse's poll.
  • Trailer - Vehicle towed to move horses; long extension on heel of horseshoe.
  • Trainer - Person who specializes in training horses.
  • Tree - The basic framework of the saddle over which the leather is laid and attached.
  • Triple Bar - Ascending staircase jump consisting of three bars that add spread and increase in height.
  • Two hand - To ride with one rein in each hand.
  • Two point - To rise from the saddle, so you contact the horse with only your thighs, not your seat.
  • Two-track - A lateral movement, where the horse's forefeet and hind feet move on separate tracks. Also called the half-pass.

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