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Horse Glossary

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  • Dally - To wind the rope end around the saddle horn.
  • Dam - Mother of a horse.
  • Dandy - A medium-hard brush for grooming to remove loose hair and dirt.
  • Dappled - Rings or spots of different-colored hair on the coat of a horse.
  • Dermatitis - Inflammation of the dermal layer (outer layer) of the skin.
  • Diagonal - A pair of legs at the trot, such as the right front and the left hind. When posting, the rider sits as the inside hind hits the ground or "rise and fall with the (front) leg on the wall." Riding across the diagonal is a maneuver from one corner of an arena to another through the center.
  • Digestible protein - The amount of protein in a feed that can be used by the animal.
  • Disposition - The temperament of an animal.
  • Distemper - An old name for strangles in the horse, sometimes used to denote any infectious respiratory disease.
  • Disunited - Cantering or loping on different leads front and hind.
  • Diverticulum - Blind pouch.
  • D.M.S.O. - Dimethyl sulfoxide, a solvent whichis an organic chemical that readily passes through the skin. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic.
  • Dock - The flesh and bone portion of the tail.
  • Dog Walk - slang term that is used to describe a walk that is so slow that there is movement front to rear when sitting on the horse. This gait is used to get the horse to work on the fundamentals of the rhythms and build reach on both ends or break up a pace.
  • Double bridle - Bridle consisting of two separate headstalls and bits.
  • Double tree - Device that connects two single wiffletrees.
  • Double - To bend the horse sharply.
  • Draft horse - A horse of one of the breeds of "heavy horses" developed for farm or freight work, such as Percheron, Belgian, and Clydesdale. Draft horses weigh 1,5002,200 pounds and can be as tall as 17 hands.
  • Drag - To hang back. Also, at the end of a column of riders, to "ride drag" or be a "drag rider."
  • Dressage - French for "training" or "schooling." The systematic art of training a horse to perform prescribed movements in a balanced, supple, obedient, and willing manner.
  • Driving - Description of a horse or pony used to pull a wagon or cart.
  • Drop the shoulder - To shift weight on the forehand and lean too much to the inside during a turn.
  • Dropped noseband - Piece of tack worn lower than a caves-son and used in conjunction with a snaffle bridle. Worn over and below the bit, it enhances sensitivity to the snaffle by positioning it on the bars and encouraging salivation. Calcutts stock all sizes in black and brown and can make to specification.
  • Dun - A yellow or gold body and leg color, often with a black or brown mane and tail, and usually with a dorsal stripe and stripes on the legs and withers.

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