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Horse Glossary

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  • Saddle - is a leather seat for a rider, secured on an animal's back by a girth. Calcutt make their own design of race exercise saddles.
  • Sand colic - A digestive disorder that occurs when a horse eats sand or dirt with his feed. Schooling show. Warm-up or practice show early in the season.
  • Scotch - In reining, to anticipate a stop by slowing the gallop.
  • Seat - The part of the saddle where the rider sits, or the way a rider sits in a saddle.
  • Senior - A horse at least five years old.
  • Serpentine - Series of half circles and straight lines crossing from one side of the centerline to the other, requiring a change of direction each time the horse passes over it.
  • Set-Up - Putting a horse in the proper stance for the judge to evaluate him in a halter or conformation class.
  • Shafts - A pair of poles that fit on either side of a horse in a single harness.
  • Shank - Lead rope or "stud" chain. Also the arm extending from the mouthpiece of a curb bit to where the reins attach.
  • Sheath - The skin folds that encase a horse's penis.
  • Shedding blade - Metal blade with short teeth to scrape out loose hair.
  • Shoer - Horse shoer, farrier.
  • Shoulder-In - Horse is slightly bent around the inside leg of the rider, and his inside legs pass and cross in front of the outside legs.
  • Showmanship - An in-hand class that is judged on the exhibitor's ability to show his horse.
  • Shying - A horse spooking or becoming startled by a movement or object.
  • Side pass - Full pass: moving the horse sideways, with no forward movement, crossing one leg over another.
  • Side step - The maneuver in which a horse moves sideways a step at a time.
  • Simple Lead Change - Change from one lead to another with a walk, trot, or halt in between.
  • Sire - Father of a horse.
  • Skirt - The square or round leather flaps under the saddle seat of the western saddle.
  • Slack - Loose rope or reins, or to loosen. In rodeo, the morning or afternoon performance.
  • Snatch - To jerk the reins sharply.
  • Snip - Small white streak above or on nose.
  • Sole - The bottom layer of the hoof
  • Spayed mare - A neutered female horse.
  • Splint boots - Protective covering worn around the cannons of the front legs to prevent injury.
  • Sport horse - A purebred or crossbred horse suitable for dressage, jumping, eventing, or endurance.
  • Spread - Type of fence that requires jumping the width from front to rear.
  • Stallion - A male horse four years of age and over (not gelded).
  • Standardbred - An American breed of horse developed for harness racing.
  • Stock horse - A Western-style horse of the Quarter Horse type.
  • Stocking - White leg marking above the cannon.
  • Strawberry roan - A mixture of red and white hairs all over a horse's body, with red, black, or flaxen mane and tail.
  • Stride - The distance traveled in a particular gait, measured from the spot where one hoof hits the ground to where it next lands.
  • Stud fee - The charge for breeding to a stallion.
  • Stud farm - Farm where mares are bred.
  • Stud - A stallion used for breeding.
  • Sull - To move slowly, to resist moving forward.
  • Sweat scraper - Metal blade to scrape sweat and water off horse's coat.

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